Destination | Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico truly is an exquisite destination. Mexico has an interesting rep at the moment, but then again so do so many other countries at the present time. However, that doesn’t change any of the charm that this hot (pun intended) spot has to offer. From the stunning sapphire Sea of Cortez to the rock formations in the water which our Mexican boat guide referred to as “la bruja” and the tales of the Playa del Amor behind it there is so much natural beauty.


What was interesting is you could clearly see the difference in the chic, luxury area that Los Cabos has created to attract tourist and then also the authentic Mexican side of town with cobble streets, tequila bars (um strawberry tequila anyone? or how about 100 year aged tequila?) street fair, and the likes of these vibes.

Of course a ton of water activities from boating, jet skiing, deep sea fishing and cruising around from the marina to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll definitely see plenty of wild life including sea lions like Poncho below. He was a big fella, he and many other sea lions follow the boats in hope to either be thrown a fish or to steal your fish… So sneaky, yet so cute!

Los Cabos, Mexico

Fabulous food and drinks. Margaritas & Pina Coladas galore. But I would say the food highlight of my trip was corn cheesecake from a restaurant on the beach. It sounds so odd, but it was so delicious and so on point. I wish I still had more photos from this trip, but unfortunately most went down with the stolen iPhone.

Another cool point is this serves as a party destination as well as a relaxing destination. I can’t wait to be back on this beach lounging in my floppy hat and sun shades. Hasta luego Los Cabos!



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