Wine | Loire Valley, France | Saumur Champigny

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted. Between the holiday’s, the day job, and weekend trips the past oh say five weeks or so- it’s been hard to catch a break or even a breath. But all that doesn’t mean my wine exploration slows it’s roll. I visited the Winery at Bull Run and Paradise Springs Winery in Virginia last month (but that’s a whole other post), plus the holidays, plus the day-to-day activities; yeah you can say I’m still sipping here and there- only when appropriate of course.

So my latest wine obsession is Saumur Champigny. I’m not really sure what lead me to add this to my wine cart- but definitely a genius decision.

Saumur Champigny french wine

Saumur Champigny comes from the Loire Valley (or Val de Loire) so it’s more than just a simple read to understand the complexity of this one. The Loire Valley, France’s most diverse wine region, is home to several different appellations, each varying greatly. In general their wines note acidity, minerality & are moderate in alcohol making them great food pairing wines. But the Saumur Champigny specifically comes from Saumur, a premier sparkling wine region in the Loire, where limestone and the temperature play a key role in the terrior.

Saumur Champigny is a Cab Franc specifically produced around eight villages in Saumur with a warm microclimate. In riper vintages, cab franc will nose raspberries & pencil shavings, and in cooler vintages will be lighter in color and more vegetable like.  Chaptilization is permitted (to help compensate for under ripeness some years) and barrel aging is avoided, which probably explains why I like it so much.

Wine notes: Bright garnet color, complex, spicy yet sweet with notes of black fruit & raspberries and violet, rich, full bodied.

From the mouth of a young, wine-loving enthusiast: Super. Definitely worth throwing in your shopping cart this holiday season or for the weekend or for wine o’clock on a Tuesday after work.


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