Destination | Vienna, Austria

I’ve been holding out from posting or writing about this one for a while now… It’s hard to sum up this city in one blog post or even know where to begin. Everyone says the cliche “studying abroad is the best thing you’ll ever do” blah, blah type of thing; and I’ve never doubted that it was amazing, but it wasn’t until months afterwards that I realized studying abroad in Vienna literally was the best thing to ever happen to me.

The city itself is beautiful, it’s no surprise that it made #1 on the list for Best Cities For Young People (Read up on it here) and ranked #1 in Quality of Life by Bloomberg Business Week. There is so much beauty and culture everywhere, with so much to do and see it’s hard not to fall in love. Of course, I also know that the friends I made are what really solidified the good times and memories.

schonn brun

I really was amazed by this city from the start. My first night there felt like a dream, everything was so different than anything I had ever seen and I really didn’t even know what to expect. After 22 hours of painful traveling I was only there for an hour before my first adventure- a night out in Vienna with people I had never met before in my life, but who quickly became life long friends who I would never forget or or ever stop talking too.

sacher torte hotel

Cafes. I don’t even want to think about how much money I spent on melanges & cappuccinos while I was there, nor all the calories I gained from Sacher Torte’s and all the other things we ate when it was too cold to do anything else or when the weather was perfect and we would sit, eat, drink & chat for hours.

st chalres cathedral


vienna symphany at schonn brunn

The art & culture was amazing. There was always something going on. I was lucky to be there for the Summer Night Concert by the Philharmonic at the SchonBrunn Palace. I almost missed it to study for an exam, but thank God I didn’t. The lights, music, and star-studded choreography was indescribable. Sitting at the top of a hill with friends drinking lemon beer and taking in everything- I wouldn’t have trade it for the world.

art- klimt

There are so, so, SO many museums in Vienna. I literally would go on my days off from school and just get lost in one  absorbing things I’ve learned about in boring history classes that suddenly weren’t so boring or wandering through art museums and seeing in person famous paintings and sculptures that I never thought I would see in person like the Kiss by Gustav Klimt or the first ceramics done by Salvador Dali.

study abroad

My last night in Vienna was just as great as the first. Who would sleep on their last night in Vienna? Not this girl. After another night of mischief, the sun was creeping out and my flight back home was getting closer by the minute. We found a spot where we had passed through countless times over the six months of studying abroad- on the bridge over the Danube at Stephansplatz. We shut the lock and dropped the keys into the river. I’m glad we left a piece of us there, because I feel like I take Vienna with me everywhere I go.


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