Serenity | Vienna is Calling

I havn’t posted in a while because the craziness that we call life has just been a whirlwind lately. So much going on, and the days seem to only be getting shorter. Trying to balance all the components of my life have been very difficult, not impossible, but requiring much more energy than normal.

So with all of that comes much needed quiet time and reflection. With everything going on I just havn’t felt quiet like myself lately, which is why I thought it was wierd that whenever I sat in my car I felt fine again. I would think about whatever just happened or what was going to happen next no matter how simple or complex it was- on the way to my next destination. I would think to myself, that was strange why did or didn’t I do this or that in that situation?

I couldn’t help but think “what the…” when I realized this odd comfort I had found. I then related it to another very comforting feeling for me. Vienna. Oh Vienna. The car ride reminded me of when I would come back home to Vienna after traveling. Something about getting back on the U-Bahn at a specific platform and the feeling of serenity it gave me.

So now connecting the dots… It’s not my car or the u-bahn that brought me piece of mind, but the activity involved. I’m always using my full energy thinking of what I’ll see next and where my next adventure lies. So it brought me serenity that I was on my way somewhere- even if it was just the gym or the grocery store; I was doing something that would get me one step closer to where I’m going on this journey.

The key to life is living, learning from your actions, and moving forward with grace, dignity & beauty. I’m so future focused and goal oriented that sometimes it’s hard for me to just “sit pretty”, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do to before you can move onto the next big thing.

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